Fattoria di Castiglionchio Via Castiglionchio, 2 - 50067 Rignano S.Arno - Firenze
  • Tuscan Holidays
    immersed in the nature
    The farm, set in the picturesque Tuscan countryside between vineyards, olive groves and surrounded by rolling hills,
    lies a few kilometres from the Centre of Florence, a city rich in art, culture and history
  • Wine and Oil
  • Walks in nature
  • Campagna Toscana

Fattoria di Castiglionchio

La Fattoria di Castiglionchio is an old fortified settlement of the 12nd century halfway in the small valley of the river "Mill riots", in 15 Km from Florence.

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Castiglionchio & Ristonchi